The Super Power of One

It can feel overwhelming to think about the amount of suffering there is in the world especially in these times.  Let’s just look at hunger.  Before the pandemic started, the World Health Organization said that 841 million people go to bed each night not knowing where they will get their next meal.  And that number is growing significantly due to the impact of lock-downs and job layoffs.  Overwhelming!  What could one person like you and me do to alleviate just that type of suffering?

Amazingly, God has that figured out.  He gives us the privilege to walk the earth in His name bringing hope to those who have little to none left.  And His does this through the Super Power of One that He bestows on each and every one of us.  He’s equipped each one of us with super powers – individual talents, skill sets, wisdom, knowledge, and the heart (the real Power) – to make a difference.

The wonderful thing is that often we use this Super Power of One unknowingly – when we open doors for others, give a comforting word, smile when others are troubled, any action we take to support each other.  Each one of these seemly small actions can change the life of the recipient.  And when you look into their face and see their smile, sometimes their tears of gratitude, that’s when you see the impact of that Super Power of One.  Just imagine how the world would change if each one of us would intentionally do at least one thing daily to alleviate the suffering of another!

And when we combine our Super Power of One to tackle a problem like world hunger, amazing things can happen.  Malnourished children in schools, orphanages, villages here and abroad begin to thrive by eating the highly nutritious meals that we package.  Their tummies are filled physically and their spirits are lifted and filled emotionally.  Now they have hope for the future.

What a privilege to show kindness and bring hope (be the face of Jesus) to those in need simply by using our Super Power of One – individually and together!

So, with that said, follow your heart, discover your Super Power of One and change the world one person at a time!

P.S.  Here’s an opportunity to flex your Super Power of One.  Join us on September 26th from 9-11 AM to pack meals for those in dire need.  To learn more &/or to register, go to our Calendar (event page) at

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