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E-Commerce Shopping About Vanilla Vanilla eCommerce Website have asked us to rebuild their website. They are one of biggest shop on the internet. [cl_column width="1/2" css_style="{'padding-top':'20px','padding-bottom':'20px'}_-_json"][cl_column width="1/2"] Challenge & Solution The challenge was to design and develop iOS and Android apps from scratch We employed a team of developers and 1 designer to tackle the challenge. The team completed the design and development [cl_column width="1/3" css_style="{'padding-top':'20px','padding-bottom':'20px'}_-_json"][cl_column width="1/3"][cl_column width="1/3"][cl_column width="1/4" css_style="{'padding-bottom':'20px','padding-top':'20px'}_-_json"] Million of Installations [cl_column width="1/4" css_style="{'padding-top':'20px'}_-_json"] Transaction a day [cl_column width="1/4" css_style="{'padding-top':'20px'}_-_json"] Million in sales [cl_column width="1/4" css_style="{'padding-bottom':'0','padding-top':'20px'}_-_json"] Days Featured APP Recent Works Check out what other fantastic projects we [...]
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Who We Are

[cl_column width="2/3" css_style="{'padding-top':'0px','padding-bottom':'20px','border-right-width':'0px','padding-right':'30px'}_-_json"][cl_column width="1/3" css_style="{'border-left-width':'0','padding-left':'0px','padding-right':'20px','padding-top':'20px'}_-_json" border_color="#ebebeb" col_sticky="1"] About Project This is the best  project we have done in the last 10 years. We are very proud for the evolution from back-end page builder to the first 100% live front-end website builder. You can change the layout of the single portfolio and add any element you want. 22 March 2017 Client Google Corporation Category WordPress
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[cl_column width="2/3"] Project Title This is one of our first projects on design. We have put so much effort to make this wordpress website the best on the market. Take a look the details and every feature you will be impressed by how perfect this product is. The code behind is commented and very good written. There are lot of new feature that will be added in the next day. [cl_column width="1/3"][cl_column_inner width="1/2"] Client Category Date [cl_column_inner width="1/2"] Yahoo Inc Web Design 21 April 2017
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